Guzzi Gremlins

Before I say anything else, I would just life to say, I love looking at, listening to and occasionally riding my wonderful wife’s Moto Guzzi Breva 750. It’s beautiful and the engine is a peach. Both can’t help smiling when we see hear or ride it. Infectious!  But there’s a but.
The thing has gremlins crawling through every wire. First, the indicators started coming on all by themselves. Then it wouldn’t start because of a dodgy starter motor, replaced at great expense. Just before we left for a big rideout, the fuel pump decided it would take a few days off. Now, the speedometer is not working even though it posts at startup.


Shiny looking ain't it!

Yesterday I took it to see Alan at G. W. Johnson’s in Harrogate. Together we located the road speed sensor and removed the rear wheel to test it. What a mare that was. Shaft drives are meant to be easy to take off but it seems Moto Guzzi didn’t see it that way. You have to take off the caliper and break the tyre of the rim to get it out. Even then there are cush driver rubbers all over the place. Daft!


This is where we eventually found the road speed sensor.

In the end, I left the sensor with Alan and brought the bike home, where I tucked it into the back corner. Once again, the trusty old YBR125 comes back into play, filling the gap left by much more expensive bikes.

The worst part is what it’s doing for Ang. She can’t trust it. She probably never will. To be fair, it is 9 years and nearly 28000 miles old’s but there’s more going wrong here than you’d expect in a worst case scenario. We’re both starting to think we should have bought an older SV650, something with a proven track record and performance. Something Alan sees all the time and shares many systems with my DL650.

But we didn’t do that because that Breva chooses you, makes you love it, make excuses for it, forgive it and put up with it. For now. Here’s hoping those gremlins are chased out soon.

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2 thoughts on “Guzzi Gremlins

  1. You have my sympathies. I also have problems with my Vstrom. Battery stopped charging on the last major ride I done. It seems to have righted itself but now I’m not game to take a decent ride on it.
    Intermittent faults are hard to find. All the best of luck with it. I’m sure you will get it sorted.


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