Spring is in the air

Late winter / early spring is a wonderful time of year. Commuting involves daylight as long as you leave a little late and don’t stay on too long. And there are genuine opportunities to make the most of the ride with increasingly frost free tarmac.

It’s that time of year when the irresistible urge to go the long way home creeps into the bike psyche. Heck. It’s not like it will get anymore filthy than it already is!

It’s not all good though. The roads are trashed! All that lovely new tarmac laid for Le Tour is already proving itself a cheep job. Gravel, gravel everywhere punctuated with potholes, so many potholes. And mud. Then, in the morning, you still need to be aware that frosty patches aren’t impossible, especially on higher ground.

Soon the spring lambs will be breaking from the protection of their mothers. Hungry for adventure they will wonder the lanes seeking greener grass, oblivious to the dangers of meandering out in front of traffic.  You have to assume a new danger lurks around every corner.

Even so, it’s a great time to be a Yorkshire biker. Go steady, ready for anything. The new season is just waking up.

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