My Life In Bikes – Preamble

I found myself trawling though old blog posts this morning, trying to find if I’d ever had much to say about a bike I owned a few years back. There was barely a mention of it. In fact, there was little mention of most of my biking history.

Why was I looking? For several days I’ve been talking to @bikesandtravels on twitter. It seems we share a preference for smaller motorcycles. He recently toured Scotland on his CBF125 and I’ve been riding the YBR125 around all winter and intend to use it for most of Autumn. He also has a CBF250 which is having ‘issues.’ I’ve had two 250s in the past and both had ‘issues.’ Something else we share I guess.

Anyway, somewhere in this conversation, it was suggested I should write about the Hyosung GT250 I owned some years ago. I thought I’d probably written something but, as I already mentioned, I hadn’t. There’s little mention of the Yamaha YBR250 I had when I started blogging either. And with little else to blog about, it seems perhaps a series of posts on the bikes I’ve owned over the years is in order.

I don’t really do reviews, probably because I don’t really read them when others do, usually preferring to check it out myself or speak directly to owners. I tend not to care about people’s kit or bike reviews because, all to often, they review kit they haven’t had very long. In doing this, I will be writing about things I haven’t had for a long time. They will, therefore, be tainted with that sort of instagram nostalgic filter we so often put on the past. Hopefully a good balance between fact and opinion will be found.

Right then, I’m off to find a picture of the old CB100. That was an awesome bike (there I go).

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