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2015-05-25 16.41.21Bank holiday Monday – traditionally that day when you rejoice in not having to go to work then arrive at the end of the day having done nothing better with it. That’s usually the case with us anyway. This time however, with a whole week ahead of us and the threat of serious DIY projects, I felt a camping trip would be in order. We’d done exactly the same thing at Easter but this time I had a tweak I wanted to try.

The Panda’s been camping a few times now. We can just about get the basics in there with a few folding chairs and a table thrown in for sheer luxury value. Unfortunately that usually means fitting a roof box. I hate getting the roof box on almost as much as I hate getting things in and out of it. Even with it fitted, we still end up cramming gear into every single nook and cranny the little car offers, including the foot wells, between the children, on the children…

Another less than ideal part of camping with a small car and two kids is that you end up having to pitch a tent and monitor two children exploring their new environs simultaneously. A more competent father would be teaching his children to help set up the tent but not me. Too stressful and I’m not carrying spare poles or patience.

2015-05-25 16.13.17So my plan was a simple one. I’ll pack the car. I’ll make sure everything’s sorted. Then I’ll pop the tent on the back of the bike, leaving the car with one less bulky item and one less person to carry. I then leave early, get the tent pitched in peace and get a free ride out into the bargain. What’s not to like?

Angie wasn’t convinced. I’m not all that sure she is now but the plan worked perfectly. After a fantastic ride to the coast (something I don’t tend to do for the fun of it) I’d paid up and pitched the tent by the time the main party arrived.
2015-05-25 21.09.07
In fairness, the bike then remained parked behind the tent for the rest of the short break. Even there it proved useful. The wing mirrors are a great place to hang your rubbish bag or towels. Then, when the children were tucked up in their bags and the sun was setting, I could admire the view over Robin Hood’s Bay, scotch in hand, feet up on the exhaust. It’s a beautiful view over the bay but when you add a Guzzi, it’s pure stunning. 2015-05-25 16.41.42

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