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New Luggage for the YBR125 and the Guzzi is Fixed.

I’ve spent this week riding to work on the YBR125, preferring to leave the heavier, more powerful and harder to keep clean VStrom at home. Together we’ve battled strong winds, snow, ice and a particularly nasty man in a blue Zafira, coming out on top every time. Other that enough power to reach a reasonable speed in a steady 35mph head wind, the only thing it lacked was lockable luggage.

Well, the lockable luggage thing is sorted, though I don’t think Ang will be impressed. She, for reasons I can’t fathom, prefers to use a backpack. In fact, she was was rather pleased when the last box broke. I’m not a fan of backpacks and using a tail pack every day is a real bind so I waited till Angie was at work and fitted a back box.

This Lextec box is removable so Ang doesn’t need to use it when she rides the YBR. Also it can come off when we need to store the bike. This is particularly necessary as the box makes the bike much longer, blocking the steps.

Whether it’s any good or our not, I don’t know. It’s not been anywhere yet. It seems well made. It’s not Givi quality or construction but then, is not Givi money either. I doubt it’s construction will limit it. The problem is the rack on the YBR125 which isn’t really big enough. It’s only just on there. I will need to be very careful about how much weight I put in this thing. I guess we’ll see how it goes.

Not wanting to wait for something ordered online, I bought the box from G. W. Johnson’s. Alan and Sandra are great and is not uncommon to get a cup of tea and a biscuit out of them too so I didn’t mind paying high street price for luggage. They’ve had the Guzzi since last Saturday and I assumed it was still ‘awaiting spares.’ Imagine my surprise when I heard the distinctive sound of its engine starting up in the workshop below. Leaving the kids to wander the showroom, I popped my head around the door to find the Guzzi in its traditional parking space: atop Alan’s lift.


And good news! Having replaced the surprisingly expensive sensor, the speedo is working again. In fact is all working again. FOR NOW! Keep checking back for next week’s fault of the week.

Actually, the Guzzi will stay there for this week as we’ve no chance to pick it up. I intend to carry on riding the 125. Best bike for the job and, frankly, it’s a doddle and a joy to ride so why not.

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Christmas Cheese Run 2014

Well, it’s been ages since I posted anything but we’ve been up to a fair bit. Ang passed her tests on the first go and I was informed of this by what is probably the worst quality selfie ever taken.

2014-12-14 14.50.10She then picked up her Guzzi which worked perfectly for her. Needles to say, I had to test ride it for her upon which the indicators (turn signals) went all funny in the wet. She rode it to Masham for her first little ride-out and it played up again, eventually not even starting without a push. As well as some poor peripheral wiring, Alan discovered the starter was stuffed so £300 later it was up and running again, in time for the Annual Christmas Cheese Run.

The cheese run was once a solo affair. It started 2012 when Ang told me I could have a few hours on my bike as long as I brought home cheese and biscuits. I took that to mean I had to ride all the way to the Wensleydale Creamery in Hawes. I’ve been riding it alone as Kev, my oldest riding buddy, is allergic to winter. This year however, Jim had a bike and now even Ang did. AWESOME! We got us a ride out!

Jim tipped up on the day, his bike covered in tinsel. We had coffee and a joke about the Guzzi going ‘All Italian’ while dressing the VStrom in fairy lights.



With the two Jap bikes looking festive, I joked that we’d better check the Guzzi would start. Guess what. It didn’t. There was no buzz from the fuel pump and it was going nowhere. Ang was really upset: as in, there were tears. However she was determined to ride so we dragged out her old faithful (and no longer for sale) YBR125.

The ride out itself was nothing I haven’t done many times before, though we stayed on the main roads as the weather was decidedly sub-optimal (high winds, stronger gusts and lots of rain). We were ready for breakfast at the end of the first and longest leg from Harrogate to Settle though it seemed odd to me that no one went for a full English breakfast as has been traditional. Following breakfast, we followed Ribble up to Ribblehead where we stopped for pictures before continuing on to Hawes. The good people at the creamery provided coffee, scones, cheese tasting (that chilli cheese had a crazy kick) and didn’t seem to mind too much when we covered the radiators with wet kit. From there it was on to Masham for more coffee before heading home for tea and medals.

Cold and Wet but Having Fun

Cold and Wet but Having Fun

The two Yamahas performed faultlessly. Jim’s Fsomethingorother600 is just right for his purposes. Mind you, he can’t stop those long lingering looks when he sees a Triumph Tiger 800 wander past. As it sometimes does, my Suzuki wasn’t keen to restart when still warm and at high altitude. It’s a thing it does and if you open the throttle just right it will start. It certainly doesn’t scare me like it used to. The VStrom is still easily the best bike I’ve ever owned and now we have the Guzzi for a change of scene, I can’t see why I’d want anything other than my (fairly) trusty Wee.

The Guzzi on the other hand, having singularly failed to join us on Angie’s inaugural ‘proper’ ride out, was still broke when we got home. Fuel pumps for it are big money so I was very pleased when a certain amount of fiddling with connectors eventually brought it back to life. Since then, it’s been OK but I kind of feel like we’re never going to really trust it. It is a beautiful bike to look at and a fantastic bike to ride so it’s not for the chop just yet.

2014-12-23 15.57.11We won’t be selling the YBR125 though. After all, it’s the most reliable vehicle we own and without a doubt the cheapest to run. Call it ‘insurance.’ Actually I really like that little YBR so I’m kinda glad it’s staying, even if we could really do with the money.

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